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The Sma Shot Cottages are a major tourist attraction of historical significance in the Renfrewshire area, offering a unique insight into two distinct periods of Paisleys textile history.

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2019 Opening Times

1 Apr 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 

Day Times

Wednesday 12:00 16:00

Friday 12:00 16:00

Saturday 12:00 16:00



More Information

On entering from Shuttle Street, visitors immediately step back into the 18th century into a typical weaver’s cottage which was originally built in the 1750s.

We have fantastic local guides who accompany you on a tour of our attraction and will provide a fascinating insight into how a typical weaving family lived and worked during this important period of Paisley’s history. 

Within the weaver’s cottage, you will find the original weaving looms and learn about the origins of the Sma’ Shot Day celebration held in July each year. 

On crossing the yard, you will discover the house of a foreman of a nearby mill in the mid-19th century. Within this house, visitors can experience what family life was like within the kitchen/living area, bedroom, children’s room and parlour – each room is decorated to represent various time periods from the late 19th into the early 20th century. 

Come along and join us in our tea room, where we serve light lunches and home baking whilst sharing stories of the past.

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