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How we got started

In today's busy world we all want to make the most of the time we spend with family and friends, that's the basic idea behind VisitRevisit.

I created the site as the one-stop-shop for planning a day-out or looking for something to do at the weekend. Plus, we all have those favourite places that we like to go back to, that's where the Revisit bit comes from!

I wanted a site where I could pick a location and it would tell me not only the tourist attractions to see but also what local events are on and if I was feeling a little active, where's the local golf course or horse trekking school?

Of course the kids and the dog are coming, so I only want to see places where they can come along too.

That's what I wanted and I hope that's what VisitRevisit does for you!

How it works


Pick a location

Perhaps you have somewhere you'd like to visit in mind?



Discover the attractions, activities and events in your location

Add them to your itinerary (we call them "Visits").



Relax and enjoy your break knowing you have everything at your fingertips.

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