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The original free Cambridge walking tour from students at Cambridge University, provided by the highest rated tour company for tours of Cambridge

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Footprints Tours represents a dramatic new approach to Cambridge walking tours. Gone is the fear of falling asleep, or slipping into a coma. Our guides don’t hide behind endless lists of dates, and irrelevant details. We embrace dates and the history of Cambridge to bring across the drama, the prestige and the bizarre. We provide tours of Cambridge which don’t put you to sleep.

Footprints Tours was created to show you the best of British history, and not to bore you to death with stuffy, dry academic tours. Yes, we want to tell you about the English Reformation, but we also want to tell you about a £1m clock in Cambridge which eats time and how aristocratic students fooled British Secret Service at the highest levels.

We offer:

  • Free walking tour
  • University & City Tour
  • Private family tour
  • Group and Student Tours

Tours contain

  • Professional and knowledgeable local guide
  • Visits to key sites including King’s College and Trinity Hall
  • The history of Cambridge explained in a fun, engaging style
  • Inside information on great local cafés, bars etc

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