The Viking Games

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The Viking Games are a collection of activities that would have been played by The Vikings in the past.

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Open all year round. Everyday 10am to 6pm.


Axe Throwing £20pp

Archery £20pp

Nordic Games £10pp


The Viking Games
The Viking Games
The Viking Games
The Viking Games
The Viking Games

More Information

The Viking Games offers 6 unique activities.

Axe Throwing, maybe relatively new to the UK but it's quickly gaining popularity. The reason for this is very simple, it is just so satisfying throwing axes. There is no better feeling than when the axe is thrown perfectly in to the board. It is very addictive and once you've got the correct technique, you will want to throw again and again. The activity sounds rather dangerous but with our safety measures in place, it is 100% safe. We begin with an introduction to axe throwing and the ways in which to throw. After a few practice throws, we take on the scoring targets, where it really gets fun. The targets are made out of rings, with each ring scoring higher points than the previous one. The dead centre ring (the bullseye) has the highest amount of points. The objective during the five rounds is to score the highest and to beat the opposition. We then play a team round. Please be aware that this experience is for those aged 16 years and upwards. The axes we use are not suitable for anyone under this age. 

Archery. We have a range of bows suitable for left or right handed archers. Each member will begin at a 10 metre distance from the target until they are deemed ready, by me, to move back to the 12.5 metre line. During your session we will play a number of archery competitions to see who will be the hotshot of the day and get to sit on the Viking Throne.

The Nordic Games encompasses 4 traditional outdoor Scandinavian games that were once played by The Vikings; Kubb, Molkky, Stige and Bullrings. You will play all four games within the hour session. Kubb; Originated in Sweden and also referred to as 'throwing logs'. It is a great individual or team game that takes skill and precision. Molkky; Originated in Finland, sometimes called Finish Skittles. Great fun for everyone and highly addictive. Stige; Originated in Norway. Involves throwing two wooden balls connected by rope to wrap around the rungs of the ladder. Bullrings; Originated in Iceland. Throw hoops made or rope around the horns of the bull. Think of a hybrid of connect 4 and quoits.

To summarise the experiences are all very relaxed, unique and is a whole lot of fun. We also have amazing views of the Golden Valley and Black Mountains. 


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