Lauderdale House

Creative / Arts & Crafts

  • London, Greater London, N6 5HG
  • 020 8348 8716

A charming historic mansion, offering cultural events and stunning gardens, creating an inviting retreat for visitors seeking beauty and inspiration.

Indoor & Outdoor Activity

Family Friendly Activity

Accessible in some areas

Dogs allowed in some areas

Opening Times

The gallery is open daily, with varying hours, while the café operates from Monday to Saturday, with shorter hours on Sunday. 

Please check their website before travelling.




Lauderdale House
Lauderdale House
Lauderdale House
Lauderdale House
Lauderdale House

More Information

Nestled within the charming ambiance of London, Lauderdale House offers a cultural oasis for visitors seeking artistic inspiration and tranquil retreats. As you step into this historic mansion, you're greeted by a rich tapestry of events and activities that cater to diverse interests and tastes. From art exhibitions and musical performances to workshops and talks, there's something for everyone to enjoy amidst the elegant surroundings of Lauderdale House.

Throughout the year, Lauderdale House hosts a vibrant array of events that celebrate the arts in all its forms. Art enthusiasts can indulge in rotating exhibitions showcasing local and international talent, while music lovers can delight in concerts spanning classical, jazz, and contemporary genres. Additionally, the house often hosts workshops and classes, inviting visitors to engage directly with the creative process, whether it's through painting, photography, or music lessons. With its ever-evolving calendar of events, Lauderdale House continues to be a cherished destination for culture seekers in London.


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