Hertford Text Trail

Sport & Adventure / Mystery Trails & Treasure Hunt

  • texttrailsuk@gmail.com
  • Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG14 1EZ

A fun family days out exploring - Text Trails provide a new way to discover the centre of Hertford - a treasure hunt with a modern twist!

Outdoors Activity

Family Friendly Activity

Accessible in some areas

Dog friendly

Opening Times

24 hours, 7 days a week (although we'd recommend daylight)


  • £10 main route
  • £8 for the shorter child-friendly route
  • all pricing is per group (not per person)


Hertford Text Trail
Hertford Text Trail
Hertford Text Trail
Hertford Text Trail
Hertford Text Trail

More Information

Hertford Text Trail provides a fun way to explore the centre of Hertford - we've taken the classic treasure hunt and given it a modern twist! All directions and clues are delivered via text message, and you submit your answer by texting back. No pen, paper or printer needed.

Whether you're local to Hertford or just visiting for the day our clues are designed to get you off the beaten track, discover new parts of the village, to notice some of the finer details which they may not have previously spotted, to explore the area and learn new things, and to gain a greater knowledge/appreciation for the village.

  • Each of our Text Trails offers a perfect day out for the family in a different way - we have different routes suitable for all ages and abilities, perfect whether you want to get out of the house, explore the area and discover something new, or just want to challenge your mind!
  • We offer different routes of varying difficulty and distance, and pride ourselves that the range of trails available is suitable for all ages and abilities, and fully accessible for wheelchairs or buggies.
  • All our trails are also 100% self-serve, which means they are entirely contact free so great during the current uncertain times, and meaning they can never be fully booked.

You need to pre-book via our website in order to get yourself set up and ready to receive your first clue, but there is unlimited availability and we can never be fully booked. Don't forget to submit a team name in order to get yourself on our leaderboard and compare times with other teams!

So get your competitive hat on, and Happy Hunting!!


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