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Two exciting 60-minute games; The Breakout and The Killer, will you beat the challenge in time?

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Dogs Not allowed

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Team of 2 = £76

Team of 3 = £108

Team of 4 = £136

Team of 5 = £160

Team of 6 = £180


Enigma Escape
Enigma Escape

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The Breakout

Your Boss was recently sent to Prison. With the help of an intemal post officer, he sent you an important message. You and your team will have to break him out of Hornsey Underground Prison. He has arranged for you and your team of criminals to get a one hour window to break him out. Are you up to the task? Or will you end up locked up with him too...

The Killer

You've been invited to watch tonight's premiere, THE KILLER. It's not a coincidence that you're the only ones in the cinema. Before the movie starts, you pass out. The next thing you know you awake in a dark cell with a creepy message on the wall. Someone is out for revenge. This movie was meant to be 60 minutes long. You and your team have the sense that you might not have much longer before the killer returns. Will you make the final cut?


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