Chronos One Escape Rooms

Sport & Adventure / Room Escape

  • Eltham, Greater London, SE9 1BL
  • 020 3620 1111

Solve puzzles, unlock mysteries, and escape before time runs out. Perfect for fun with family, friends, or colleagues!

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Dogs Not allowed

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From £30 per person


Chronos One Escape Rooms
Chronos One Escape Rooms
Chronos One Escape Rooms
Chronos One Escape Rooms

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The temple of the forbidden idol

Embark on Professor Jones's daring mission to escape the room. Journey through the jungle, discover the Temple of the Enfada Idol, and outsmart rival Dr. Belloq to claim victory. Can you solve the temple's puzzles before Belloq seizes the idol?

Nightmare on ripper street

Transport yourself to Victorian London's foggy streets in Nightmare on Ripper Street, one of the most terrifying horror games at Chronos One Escape Rooms. Your objective? Unravel puzzles and trace clues to capture Jack the Ripper before he vanishes into the night.

Return to neverland

Assist Tinkerbell in escaping the room as she urgently flies into your bedroom one night. She's in distress—Peter Pan has been kidnapped by Captain Hook! Join her on a journey to Neverland and rescue Peter from the clutches of evil.


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