Brockwell Lido

Sport & Adventure / Swimming Pools

  • London, Greater London, SE24 0PA
  • 020 7274 3088

Brockwell Lido offers a refreshing escape with its outdoor pool, lush surroundings, and café. Perfect for a leisurely swim or sunbathing.

Indoor & Outdoor Activity

Family Friendly Activity

Accessible in some areas

Dogs Not allowed

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 6:30am to 9pm

Friday: 6:30am to 7pm



Adult: £8

Child: £5

Spa & Gym

Adult: £8


Adults: £8


Brockwell Lido
Brockwell Lido

More Information

Nestled within a verdant park, Brockwell Lido beckons with its serene ambiance and inviting waters. Stepping through its gates feels like a retreat from the city's bustle. Whether you're seeking a revitalizing swim in the gleaming outdoor pool, a leisurely stroll along the sun-dappled paths, or simply a moment of tranquility by the water's edge, this hidden gem offers respite for the weary urban soul.

With its charming café serving up refreshments and a sense of community palpable in the air, a visit to Brockwell Lido is a delightful blend of relaxation and rejuvenation amidst nature's embrace.


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