Climbing in London

London is a great city to visit if you love history, culture and entertainment. You can see famous landmarks like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, or enjoy world-class museums, galleries and theatres. London also has a vibrant nightlife, with pubs, clubs and restaurants for every taste.

Whether you want to shop, sightsee or relax, London has something for everyone.

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Adults £13

The Reach Climbing Wall

Experience thrilling climbs on diverse routes, catered to all levels. Friendly staff, vibrant atmosphere—perfect for climbers of any skill!

Kids Climb at Arch Cimbing Wall ACton
From £4

Kids Climb at Arch Cimbing Wall ACton

Two new dedicated kids climbing areas plus a mini circuit around the centre for kids to have some fun. Plus drop-in sessions though out the holidays.

Adults £19.50

White Spider Climbing

2000 square metres, 360+ climbing routes, 200+ bouldering problems, 104 top and lead ropes.

Adults £13.50

The Nest Climbing

At The Nest Climbing, visitors can scale diverse routes, test skills, and enjoy a vibrant climbing community, perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike.