Tour For Muggles

Discover the magical side of London where our world and the world of Harry Potter meet.


Family friendly

Some areas

No dogs allowed

Opening Times

Pre booking essential.

2 tours a day (11am and 2pm), see main website for more information.


Private tour for up to 5 adults and 5 children; £90


Tour For Muggles
Tour For Muggles

More Information

The Department of Magical Tourism invites you to discover the magical side of London.

The new initiative aims to educate the non-magical world of our existence and show you a glimpse into our world full of rich history and traditions.

  • London locations where our two worlds meet
  • The real stories of Harry, Ron and Hermione
  • Secret magical places hidden in plain sight
  • Our guides - real-life wizards and witches  


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