Roman Baths

History & Heritage / Historic Sites

  • Bath, Somerset, BA11 1LZ
  • 01225 477 785

Step back in time at Bath's ancient baths. Immerse in Roman history, marvel at well-preserved artifacts, and soak in the unique, atmospheric ambiance.

Indoors Attraction

Family Friendly Attraction

Accessible in some areas

Dogs Not allowed

Opening Times

Typically : 9am to 6pm

Opening times vary throughout the year, please check the site before travelling.


Adult: £24.50

Child (6-18): £17

Senior (65+): £23.50

Additional Information

Discounted tickets available on weekdays.


Roman Baths
Roman Baths
Roman Baths
Roman Baths
Roman Baths

More Information

The Roman Baths showcase well-preserved ancient bathing and socializing complex. You can wander through the remarkably intact Roman structures, including the Great Bath and various chambers.

The site offers an immersive experience, featuring artifacts, interactive displays, and insightful information about Roman customs and bathing rituals.

You can also explore the museum to delve deeper into the historical context. The thermal waters, still bubbling from the ground, add to the authenticity, providing a unique opportunity to connect with the rich history of the Roman era in this UNESCO World Heritage site.


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