Liquid History Tours

A guided afternoon walk through history to some of Londons most famous pubs & ale houses.

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Drink London : £25.00 per person


Liquid History Tours
Liquid History Tours
Liquid History Tours
Liquid History Tours

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Drink London

Following in the footsteps of literary greats like Shakespeare and Dickens, one strolls down the infamous "Street of Shame." Along the way, pausing to quench thirst at four historic pubs, offering a variety of beer, gin, and other delights. From ancient art nouveau treasures to cozy Victorian gin palaces, experiencing some of the city's oldest drinking establishments, some dating back 350 years.

The journey takes past iconic landmarks like St. Paul's Cathedral before delving into hidden alleyways and tranquil courtyards, away from the bustling crowds. Listening to grisly tales of Sweeney Todd and uncovering the eerie history of London's most haunted pubs before concluding the adventure on the outskirts of Covent Garden.

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