Edinburgh Old Town

The oldest part of Scotland's capital city. The area has preserved much of its medieval streets and forms part of a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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Edinburgh Old Town
Edinburgh Old Town
Edinburgh Old Town
Edinburgh Old Town

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Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history that is Edinburgh's Old Town. This ancient quarter of the city, with its narrow cobbled streets and historic buildings, is a treasure trove of tales waiting to be discovered.

Historic Landmarks

From the imposing Edinburgh Castle perched atop Castle Rock to the atmospheric closes and wynds that wind their way through the heart of the Old Town, there's no shortage of historic landmarks to explore. Wander along the Royal Mile, where centuries of history unfold before your eyes, or lose yourself in the labyrinthine alleys of the Grassmarket, once a bustling marketplace and execution site.

Cultural Hub

But Edinburgh's Old Town is more than just a relic of the past – it's a vibrant cultural hub that buzzes with life and energy. Discover hidden gems tucked away in centuries-old buildings, from cozy pubs and traditional Scottish restaurants to eclectic boutiques and art galleries showcasing the work of local talent.

Festival Atmosphere

Throughout the year, the Old Town comes alive with festivals and events that celebrate Edinburgh's rich cultural heritage. From the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe to the stirring sounds of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, there's always something happening in this dynamic and lively quarter of the city.


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