St Albans Text Trail

Family friendly treasure hunt exploring St Albans with a modern twist - Text Trails provide a unique and fun way to discover the city!


Family friendly


Dog friendly

Opening Times

24 hours, 7 days a week (although we'd recommend daylight)


  • £10 for the main St Albans route
  • £8 for the shorter distance option
  • all pricing is per group (not per person)


St Albans Text Trail
St Albans Text Trail
St Albans Text Trail
St Albans Text Trail
St Albans Text Trail

More Information

St Albans Text Trail is a classic treasure hunt with a modern twist: clues are delivered via text message and answers submitted by texting back.

Our trails aim to help you explore the town in a new way, getting you off the beaten track and noticing small details, so a Text Trail is great whether you're local to St Albans or just visiting for the day.

There are 2 Text Trails available in St Albans: the main route explores the majority of the city centre, with clues covering historical figures who shaped today's high street, the famous St Albans Abbey, as well as drawing your eye to some of the finer details, names, and dates which decorate this beautiful historic area. The second option touches some but not all of these sights, as it is designed to be slightly shorter, for those who aren't able (or inclined!!) to walk as far. Visit the Text Trails website to fully understand the differences between the two options.

If you want to show up on our leaderboard don't forget to submit a team name once you've completed your trail!

You need to pre-purchase via our website in order to get yourself set up to receive your first clue, but there is unlimited availability and we can never be fully booked.

Fully accessible and suitable for all ages and abilities.


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