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  • Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 7AQ
  • 01782 273986

You have 60 minutes to escape the room of your choice, each room will be full of puzzles, cryptic clues and riddles to allow you to escape.

Indoor & Outdoor Activity

Family Friendly Activity

Accessible Activity

Dogs Not allowed

Opening Times

Wednesday - Sunday from 12pm - 8:45pm


2 people £40

3 people £52.50

4 people £60

5 people £75

6 people £90

7 people £105

8 people £120

Additional Information

use code DEAL10 when booking on the website to get 10% off your first booking.


mscape escape rooms
mscape escape rooms

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Our rooms have been custom designed to provide with you with the most realistic experience possible, you will truly believe you are there living and breathing the room you are in. We are also pleased to say that two of our Escape Rooms The Foundry Detective and Science Mishap, are wheelchair accessible, we are on the ground floor and our doorways are 2ft 4inches wide so can accommodate wheelchairs up to that width.

You have 60 minutes to escape the room of your choice, each room will be full of puzzles, cryptic clues and riddles which must be solved in time to allow you to escape.


You are a team of scientists who are developing an age reversing antidote, somethings gone terribly wrong!

Your latest tests have caused an invisible gas to be emitted which in fact speeds up the ageing process. In all the chaos the key to the emergency exit of the laboratory has been lost. You have one hour to find the code to the safe that holds the spare key before the gas takes hold and you are aged forever.


A rogue warlock has come into your ritual room and cast various spells causing your book of magic to be locked. You need to reverse his spells and find the key to your book of magic. So you can access the highly protected "removal of magic spell" to cast on the rogue warlock.


It's 1963 Frank Howard the owner of The Metal Foundry in Stoke on Trent has been kidnapped and his last Will and Testament has also disappeared. It's suspected that one of the fabricators at The Foundry is responsible. You need to find out who's committed the crime before it's too late for Frank and the future of the foundry.


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