Lockdown Escape Rooms Ormskirk

Lockdown is Ormskirk's only Escape Room venue! We have 4 rooms with different themes to get stuck in to!


Family friendly

Not accessible

No dogs allowed

Opening Times

Monday - Sunday 10am - 11pm


2 Players £40 (£20pp)

3 Players £57 (£19pp)

4 Players £68 (£17pp)

5 Players £80 (£16pp)

Additional Information

NHS, Defence and carers services discount available Student discount available


Lockdown Escape Rooms Ormskirk
Lockdown Escape Rooms Ormskirk

More Information

Can you escape the room in 60 minutes?

Choose from our 3 immersive rooms.....


Witches & Wizards required! The Dark Forces have infiltrated the Ministry in search of the powerful Cintamani Stone. Their search will lead them straight to you! Do you have the magical ability to escape the room before you are captured…?


One minute you are out in the woods, the next thing you know, you wake up in a strange lodge… it’s a matter of life or death… the question is, are you willing to fight for your freedom? Can you escape The Lodge before your kidnapper returns?


For many years, The Institution has been rumoured to be conducting unethical human experimentation. You are now in the control of The Doctor. He knows your weaknesses, he knows how to stop you escaping, but are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice? Can you escape the room before The Doctor returns?


“Blot” The Blood Festival of the Vikings is celebrated in these lands ever 9 years. You have been captured by a rival tribe who intend to offer you as human sacrifice, to the gods, once the celebrations begin! Mercy is not of these people! You have been locked away until the festivities are underway… do the gods truly wish to witness this fait of yours? Odin, and the Aesir gods have decided to test you, to see if you are worthy. They have sent you Mjolnir, Thor’s mighty hammer, and wish you to recover it! If you can, the gods will deem you worthy, spare your life, and grant your escape! Til’ Valhalla!


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