Epic Holiday Camps

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  • lblanchard@nextthing.education
  • Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 1EH

A jam packed educational but fulfilled camps. We offer a range of activities throughout the week from coding and robots to archery and laser tag!

Indoor & Outdoor Activity

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Dogs Not allowed

Opening Times

Mon-Fri 9-4


week bookings are 175 and if booked as a week the Monday is free!


Epic Holiday Camps
Epic Holiday Camps
Epic Holiday Camps
Epic Holiday Camps
Epic Holiday Camps

More Information

Epic Holiday Camps started as a technology company looking to help further STEM education amongst children in an era where it was not as accessible. Previously known as Next Thing Education, we had a desire to inspire the future generation through technology. From coding to robotics to engineering. Our mission was to make sure all children had equal opportunities in education. 

We’re excited to now offer children three unique adventures, including technology, crafting and sports. We give children the opportunity to unleash their imagination and develop some Epic skills. We take children from age 5 all the way to 11!

Parents relied on us to deliver an epic education every school holiday, half-term, and after-school. After years of success and popularity, we wanted to expand our offering to parents through incorporating different activities other than technology. 

We are located at over 40 locations throughout the summer from Readin to Hemel Hempstead, Epic is not far from you!


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