Active Reality - Swindon

Our state-of-the-art Free Roam VR technology allows groups of friends, families, and colleagues to fully immerse themselves into virtual worlds.


Family friendly


No dogs allowed

Opening Times

Mon - Fri: 9am - 9pm

Sat - Sun : 9am - 7:30pm


Private Parties start from £120

or Try for £10 per person


Active Reality - Swindon
Active Reality - Swindon
Active Reality - Swindon
Active Reality - Swindon
Active Reality - Swindon

More Information

“It's the Future” is the most common feedback! If you have ever tried VR at home it can take your breath away, the only thing that breaks the feeling of total immersion is you have to use the controller to move around the virtual world. 

With Active Reality, we achieve full immersion! We use advanced technology and sensors in an arena that allows you to move around as you would in real life. All experiences are multiplayer, so you and friends are in the same physical and virtual worlds. You are able to see your friends' avatars. You can all run, walk, jump and even high five all in the virtual world. You become fully immersed and totally forget about the outside world, it is truly mind blowing!

Active Reality is as active as using some of the gym equipment, so forget about limiting screen time, your heart will be racing, you’ll have a huge grin and you’ll be craving more.


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